PetSafe Flitter Toy

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This toy has two arms that spin in a wild and crazy pattern to capture your cat’s attention.
Dangling dragonflies bob and weave, enticing your cat to hunt and pounce.
Dual arms make this toy perfect for one cat or multiple cat households.
Play While You Are Away mode allows you to keep your kitties entertained while you’re not home.
Timer automatically turns the toy off after 15 minutes during single play sessions to preserve battery.

Keep your cats energized and excited with the PetSafe Automatic Flitter Teaser Cat Toy. This teaser toy has two dragonflies that fly around and around, enticing your cat to hunt and pounce. The random movement patterns keep your kitty engaged, and the two dangly teasers are the perfect bait to entice your furry friend. The two arms make this toy ideal for one or two cat households with twice the bobbing and weaving fun. What truly makes this toy so unique is the Play While You Are Away mode, which allows your furry friends to frolic all day by turning itself on and off whether you’re home or away