Cats Paw Cleaning Litter Matt

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Cats Paw Cleaning Litter mat

Give litter the paw, as in the paw-shaped mat designed to catch and trap it! It helps trap litter around the box and also works to keep paws litter-free, helping to prevent litter from tracking on your floors and furniture. It’s made with a slip-resistant material on the underside to help keep it in place, even with busy litter boxes. Plus, when it’s cleanup time, just shake it, vacuum it, or rinse it to keep things tidy.

Key Benefits

  • Litter-trapping mat catches litter that spills from the litter box, and keeps it on the mat.
  • Mat design helps prevent tracking litter around the house.
  • Slip-resistant backing helps secure it in place on most surfaces.
  • Easy to keep clean—just shake it, vacuum it or rinse with cold water and air dry.
  • Paw shaped design adds a fun touch to litter cleanup duty.


NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. Intended to be used to trap loose litter. Clean and inspect regularly and replace if any part becomes damaged. Dispose of litter in trash. Do not flush litter in toilets or dispose of in gutters or storm drains. A parasite found in cat feces may cause toxoplasmosis, especially in pregnant, nursing or immunosuppressed persons. Consult your physician for more information. Please wash hands thoroughly after handling.

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