PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-tier Pet Fountain


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Why is Running Water So Important The best way to do that is with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. By using a patented free-falling stream of water, the Pet Fountain continually aerates your pet’s water with healthful oxygen. An extra large charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors, giving your pet the best possible, and most appealing way to stay hydrated!

Drinkwell Pet Fountains are veterinarian designed and recommended by vet urinary specialists. They encourage water intake and proper hydration in pets and are especially beneficial in cats with kidney or urinary tract disease. And, they discourage jumping on counters in search of dripping faucets! Even cats who don’t jump on counters to drink form faucets may drink more water using the fountain.


  • Extra-wide patented free-falling stream encourages pets to drink more!
  • Submersible pump for nearly silent operation
  • Receiving ramp reduces splash from falling water
  • Elevated drinking dish
  • Low voltage, 12V system with inline disconnect for easy plug removal
  • Replaceable charcoal filters helps remove bad tastes and odors
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Convenient supply of fresh, filtered water with elevated drinking dish
  • Veterinarian developed and recommended
  • water capacity 100oz



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